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Online Communities according to xkcd

By , October 20, 2010 7:39 am

A few highlights from this map:

1. Blatherskite River – “Blathering Blatherskite” – Fenton Crackshell
2. Former Site for Adult Services on Craigslist Island
3. Kayne’s Isle of Sadness
4. Hashtag Games Whose Popularity Confuses and Depresses You

If you are looking for Webinometry on this map, it was sunk somewhere just south of Miscellaneous Blogs on a fateful journey from the Sea of Zero (0) Comments to the eastern coast of Tech Blogs.  You see, I was shipping my blog content to a competition with an arch nemesis regarding who has the most mathematical references per post.  To throw him off, I shipped it under the disguise of an ice cream freighter.  I was informed by my trusty accountant Whimperman that it was sunk by a sea monster.  Reaction below:

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Google Wave Applications

By , October 20, 2009 10:54 am

As Jeff and I were thinking about ways to integrate Google Wave on Wixity, we really couldn’t think of a totally awesome way to use it within our platform.  Everything that we came up seemed like a feeble attempt to integrate the next best thing, without really knowing whether it was the next best thing.

Luckily, our distraction only lasted a few hours, and we didn’t get down the path of playing in the Wave Sandbox without a decent plastic shovel or florescent colored pale.  Sometimes, trying to be early and ride the hype wave really doesn’t make sense when you think about the overall concept of what you are building.  Maybe somewhere down the road we’ll find a cool way to use it, but for now we’ll stick with developing things we know people want, not things we think people may want to play with for the novelty factor.

One place where I saw a fun use of Google Wave came from Tim Kane’s blog, daily dares.  It’s one of the more interesting mash-ups I’ve seen, but not as good as Chinese Backstreet Boys – That Way.

Some Stats on Social Media (set to music)

By , August 18, 2009 10:32 am

SmackDown Headliner – Google VS Facebook

By , June 23, 2009 12:26 pm
Me at 7, with bigger guns

Me at 7, with bigger guns

I haven’t watched WWF, or WWE, or Friday Night Smackdown since I was a kid (see right), but after reading Wired magazine’s article on Google vs. Facebook, I could not help but think about, in my opinion, the greatest wrestling match of all time.  This battle pitted the up and coming, wildly popular, eccentric and electric young superstar against the stalwart, power punching, mega-myth champion of the world.  Of course, I’m talking about the headliner at WrestleMania 6 where the Heavy Weight Champion of the World Hulk Hogan fought the Intercontinental Champ, The Ulllttiiimmmatteeeee Warrrrrioorrrrrrr!

Champion against champion, title for title, that’s what it’s all about.

Google and Facebook are waging their own war on shaping what the Internet’s future will look like.  They both have an underlying mission to share information, but their core approaches and visions of the web are very different.  Google has historically viewed the web as the great equalizer, the place where information can be accessed by anyone and everyone, and that information can be efficiently found by harnessing the power of cold, hard algorithms.  Facebook sees the web not as the source of information per say, but rather as the medium for which people can share information across their social net.  Instead of relying on complex math necessarily, Facebook puts the power of human sharing in the forefront of spreading information.

Both of these approaches have their place on the web.  What good is a platform to share information easily from the people that matter most if the people that matter the most can’t find the information in the first place, and vice verse?  In my mind, the bigger challenges lie in front of Facebook, because the future of sourcing information from hundreds of friends (if not thousands for the Facebook junkies “power users”) will come down to powerful ranking, grouping, sorting, and prioritizing algorithms, a space that Google has done very well in.

“So wha’cha gonna do brother … when the Hulkster (read as Google) comes for youuuu (read as Facebook)!”  Well, Facebook has been able to pull some ex-Googlers into their shop, to a tune of nearly 9% of their staff, and they have a virtual lock on the social network space (although I begin to worry about the hipness of it when my parent’s generation is “friending” me).  As difficult as it may seem, they may be putting together the pieces and the relationships to really challenge Google’s web dominance.  And maybe, just maybe, they’ll have enough to gorilla slam the powerhouse, avoid the leg-drop, and big splash their way to top, just like the greatest character wrestler of all time was able to do.  R.I.P. The Ultimate Warrior.

Bonus Footage:  Top Ultimate Warrior Promos Ever

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Spezify This!

By , June 17, 2009 5:31 pm

The quality of the search results aren’t quite there (yet), but is a great way to display search information.  Here’s what came up for Webinometry:

Spezify - Webinometry

There is something powerful about visual scanning, or geometrical viewing as opposed to text, linear based viewing.  It reminds me of microfiche at public libraries during high school.  It was always easy to locate exactly what you were looking for by high-speed scanning of newspapers.  Dope stuff.

Information Overload

By , June 10, 2009 11:18 am

Information accessibility is growing so damn fast.  We are at the point where we don’t have time to process all the information that we have in our in-boxes, let alone our news/blog feeds … and it’s going to get worse.  Here is an awesome presentation on how quickly the flow of information is moving, researched by Karl Fisch, Scott McLeod, and Jeff Brenman.

The next big thing is not going to be mediums to access information, like new mobile devices and social/mobile applications.  The next big thing is going to be how to organize and present this information situationally and personally … and it’s going to have happen a lot sooner than we think.

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