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By , September 16, 2009 11:46 am

This past weekend was one of the most outrageously fun times I’ve ever had, and it showed how really unbelievable it is to have great friends.  I think everyone there was looking forward to this wedding for months and it 100%, without a doubt, did not disappoint.

Here’s the video montage of the wedding festivities.  With the massive cooperation of everyone at the wedding, Mohs and Laura had no idea that this was going on (you’ll see them at the end, Mohs in his sweat drenched shirt and orange tie, and the lovely lady in red Laura dancing up a storm). What started off as a cutesy gag gift for the bride and groom eventually turned into a “what could we possibly get away with without them knowing” full on puppet wedding production, all entirely made up on the fly.

Even the near fatal miscue moments turned into some fantastic shots, like the entire family picture, the wine glass clinking kiss with Amy (sitting right next to Laura), and my personal favorites, the party barn shots with Mohs at the bar and Laura on the dance floor (brilliant work by Gabs on those two). No risk, no reward.

The couple’s first look at this video had them, as Mohs put it, simultaneously laughing and crying.  I glad to see the art of puppetry hasn’t lost its magical touch on our souls.  And if this whole web application thing doesn’t work out, maybe my next career path can be puppet wedding videos.  I’d love to hear company names and tag-lines for that.

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