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Dean’s List Released

By , May 12, 2010 6:11 pm

We released a pretty cool trivia application, called the Dean’s List Trivia Game, which is available in the Android Market.  I had a lot of fun working on this project, and a lot of help as well, and it came together pretty nicely when it was all said and done.

The crazy part about building this application is how it all started.  My friend Russ and his family LOVE games.  I think they have every game ever made, and I’m pretty sure we’ve played Monopoly using this rare spinner made for the United Kingdom version of the game during World War II.  That may be the Sweet Tea Vodka speaking, but the point is the man loves his games.

One day, Russ comes over and he tells me about this guy he knows, Marty Dick, who sends him trivia questions every week and he puts me on the list.  That Friday I get an email with 10 of the most interesting, challenging questions I’ve come across.  I’m going through them, racking my brain, and when I get to the bottom there are no answers!  WTF!  Russ! You didn’t tell me that there aren’t any answers!  Oddly enough, why I’m spewing this in an email to him, I get another message in my inbox reading “QUIZ ANSWERS – OPEN LAST.”

Who is this guy?  In the presence of so much technology, is Marty really emailing questions, then sending a follow up email with answers?  Really?  Gaming has been propagating at an incredible pace through the advent of application platforms like Facebook, the iPhone, and Android so it was a bit strange that Marty was hosting this game using the snail mail of electronic communication.  What’s up with that?  Then, I found out who Marty was:

So Marty is in his 60s, retired, and lives somewhere in the Keys.  Turns out he’s been creating these trivia questions for years, originally writing them down on index cards and handing them out to his friends to see how well they did.  Index cards.  He finally upgraded to electronic delivering them and continues to send out new questions every Friday to this day.

Russ and I thought that this would be a fantastic mobile app, and with Marty’s approval, we set off to build it.  With the help of Parker English, who designed the user experience and interface, Jimmy Cahill, who created the bomb set of awards, and the hard work of C Rajesh and Chidhambaram from TechGaruda who did the bulk of the coding, we were able to release this on the Android Market today.  Check out some of the screen shots here and download it if you love trivia.  I’ve showed it to a few people and this is the response I generally get:

Update –  Email from Marty:

Eureka!  Nice work.

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